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Wellcome to Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2019

We welcome participants and spectators to a fantastic Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2019.
We will work hard to make Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2019 an even better experiance for you.
Looking forward to see you
Saturday and Sunday the 10 th and 11 th of august 2019.

Watch Ocke Mannerfelt drive up the hill at youtube:


Speed competitions for historical cars form the years 1930-1990.
Race center in Munkebjerg Hotels Park with 100 beautiful cars and fast classical racing cars.

Svein Lund

Kurt og Heino Mejer

The Munkebjerg weekend, is again this year, offering two championship class races during the weekend of the 11th to 12th of August 2018. Both races, starts in the weekend and will kick off with a technical and documentation inspection Saturday Morning/noon at Bugattivej in Vejle.

Munkebjerg Sprint
Saturday the 11th of August from 8-5pm, the 3. division from HMS open championship will race. It will consist of 3 heats by 3 rounds on a 1,2 km. stretch sprint track Ferrarivej, Bugattivej, Lanciavej, Porschevej.
Meaning 3,6 km. for each heat.

Munkebjerg Hillclimb
Sunday the 12th of August 2018, Munkebjerg Hillclimb will race in the format which is known from the previous year with race center at Munkebjerg Hotel.
The race is counted as 4th division of HMS’ open championship.

After documentation inspection and inspection of technicality Saturday, there will be plenty of opportunity to do practice rounds with timing at the track.
For those of you, who can’t make it for inspection on Saturday, a special arrangement for inspection can be made for Sunday in Ryttergården at Munkebjerg Hotel.

Both races will be conducted in accordance to HMS championship rules and DASU rules for Hillclimb, manueuver- and special testing.

Debutant training
For new participants, a practice arrangement on Saturday early afternoon August 11th 2018 has been made.
The theory part will happen on Saturday’s race center, Add.: Bast & Co., Porschevej 2, 7100 Vejle and practice will happen at the race track right outside the door.
You can sign up for the course whilst signing up for the race.


Race dinner at Munkebjerg Hotel
For the weekend registered participants, a race dinner has been arranged at Munkebjerg Hotel in the evening, Saturday the 11th of August 2018.
The award ceremony will also take place there.
Additional seats can be booked at Munkebjerg hotel.

Munkebjerg Hotel
Overnight accommodation at Munkebjerg Hotel for the participants can be booked directly at the hotel at favorable prices.

Jens Gandrup
Terkel Lund Ovesen
Morgan Three Wheeler