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Classic Car Park

The audience’s very own car show
At Munkebjerg Hotels parking area, near ryttergården, there is plenty of space for parking of historical cars. You drive to the Hotel through Andkærvej and Munkebjergvej Find your way.

You can find an overview over the spot here.

Classic Car Park is for cars older than 31/12-90.

Benefits for using the Classic Car Park
– You can drive inside the barriers, all the way up to the race center and park 50m from ryttergården
– Your car will be in prestigious company together with 100 other classical cars.
– You can use the opportunity to put the car up for sale. Simply write it on the P-card.
– It is at Munkebjerg Hotels parking, which is located close to the entrance.

There is room for good space in classic car park at Munkebjerg Hotel.

Classic Car Park at the starting area on Ibæk Strandvej.
Also at the starting area, you are able to park within the closed area. It is located all the way at the start.
This makes it able for you to drive between start and finish, through Ibækvej and park at the reserved areas.
Follow the parking guides’ directions and remember to show your P-Card.
An overview over Classic Car Park at the starting area you’ll find here.

Parking-overview you’ll find here.
The filled out P-Card should be emailed to: mail@laptime.dk as sign up to car park, and should be printed out so you can show it to security and place it on your windshield when you park.

Welcome to the Classic Car Park