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Who are we?

Munkebjerg Hillclimb is a non-profit motorsports event within the Association for Historical Motorsport, region of Denmark.

The event is organized and conducted under the management of Munkebjerg Hillclimb group, where the events’ primary collaborators are gathered.

Main Sponsor
Munkebjerg Hotel
Rene Aarby Sørensen
Hans Geschwendtner

Race management
Historisk Motorsport Danmark
Koordinator Munkebjerg Sprint: Hans Christian Hempler
Koordinator Munkebjerg Hillclimb: Søren Duun
Løbsleder: Søren Duun
Teknisk Chef: Finn Kristensen
Tidtagning Timmy Larsen med crew, Rallyresult


Race conducting and crew
Ole S. Rasmussen og Orla Iversen

Historisk Motorsport Danmark
Uffe Madsen