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Who can participate?

The Association for Historical Motor Sport, Denmark, HMS, organizes hillclimbs, courses, training days and track races for historic cars.

Hillclimb is the place to start. Here you can attend without any prerequisites, besides a thorough course which we offer several times a year, both the theoretical and practical part. And oh yes a car which is older than Dec. 31st 1986.

For Hillclimb competitions, debutants and experienced racing drivers meet with a common passion for historic vehicles, the technique, the driving capabilities or the lack of, and the design of that particular time. It would be a lie to say that we don’t meet in order to compete. But we are looking after our vehicles and each other as much as possible.

If you have a standard car, ie a car that appears to be more or less the same say as when it left the factory at the time, then the journey to sit behind the wheel at your first hillclimb is not that far fetched. If your car has been rebuilt over time, you must study the technical regulations and work your way forward with the help of fellow club members and experts. They’re everywhere… If you want to try, then simply contact the HMS-Hillclimbgroup and have a chat about what exactly is needed in your case with the car you have.

Visit the clubs webpage www.hms.dk

Contact the Hillclimb group:
Phone: +45 2174 6866

Søren Duun.
You are welcome at HMS!