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Race schedule

Munkebjerg Sprint Saturday August 10th 2019:

10.00 -4pm
Race center with ryttergård, start , goal and audience area
Bast & Co, Porschevej 2, 7100 Vejle, At the corner of Bugattivej / Porschevej.
Entrance from Andkærvej – Bugattivej. Alternatives roads are closed.

2 timings and 3 counting heats.

Munkebjerg HillClimb, Sunday August 11th, 2019:

07.00 – 08.15 Ryttergården, Race center
100 hillclimb participants, historic racers and beautiful sportscars will line up in ryttergården. Teams will arrive with service carts and pit tents. Tires will be selected according to the weather, the final preparations, the mounted start numbers, drivers briefing for the last bits of information… And the audience is with all the time, up and close.

08.30 – 11.30 Ryttergården, start and audience areas and goals

The participant cars are called for lineup in ryttergården. 10 cars will leave ryttergården at a time behind the pace car and drive towards the start at the 1st and 2nd timing. These are the 2 main heats of the day. It’s there where the weather for the day, the asphalt surface, the driver’s abilities and the car’s characteristics are registered and balanced, so that you are able to drive to the last margins at the subsequent 3rd counting heat…

11.30 – 6pm Audience area at start and goal
The start kicks off. Competing for that particular days’ trophies and the hillclimb championship. Minor difference from the time can be absolutely crucial. Same goes for the slightest driving errors.

Online results can be seen at www.rallyresult.dk Bring your iPhone with you if you want the results a few seconds after the participant has reached a goal, or get the results at Ryttergården and the speakers at start, goals and at ryttergården.

The team’s participants, 10-15 3-wheelers drive the path through.

18.00 Ryttergården, race center
Prizes will be given. 1,2,3 places in all classes will be acknowledged.

Free race programs and schedules can be collected at the speakers in ryttergården, either at both the final goal and at start.