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PM 2 Monte-Carlo-vinder til Munkebjerg


Foromtale jyllandsposten 2 aug 201


Rare cars at Munkebjerg.

Denmarks most beautiful carrace at sunday.

Munkebjerg Hillclimb is often described as one of the most spectacular car races in the country. Classic cars racing at full speed down the country’s only genuine serpentine road, which is the twisted 1,5km road from Vejle Inlet up through the woods leading towards Munkebjerg Hotel.

On Sunday it unleashes again, with a grand and spectacular group of participants with cars from 1931 to 1986.

“The oldest car is a Riley Brooklands from 1931 and the youngest is just enough to be historical, which is more than 25 years” says Søren Duun from Historial Motor Sport Denmark, who organizes this traditional race.

Three cars are from the 1930’s. Besides the aforementioned Riley Brooklands, the predecessor from the later Jaguar enters, which is an SS 100 Special from 1935, as well as an MG K1 Special from 1933.

Under Munkebjerg Hillclimb kan tilskuerne opleve gamle biler helt tilbage fra 1931.

In the more recent range you’ll find the race’s favourite, Vincenzo Santangelo in Fiat X1/9 Dallara Abarth from 1973. He’s won the race several times before.

Amongst the Danes who participates in the famous Monte-Carlo rally for historical cars, enters Hans GEschwendtner in Austin Healey 3000 from 1959, Bent Mikkelsen in VW Golf GTI from 1979, Lars Bækkelund in a Fiat 128 SL Coupé 1972 and Jens Gandrup in an Alfa Romeo GTV 2,0 from 1977.

From the golden era 1955-1975, there’s a wide range of cars such as Mercedes Benz 230 SL, Jensen Healey, Datsun 240 Z, Dino (which is popularly known as Ferrari Dino), Jaguar XK 140 and a wide range of small Fiatcard such as Fiat 600 Abarth.

The events favourite is Vincenzo Santangelo in this pumped up Fiat X1/9 Dallara Abarth.

Munkebjerg Hillclimb is an authentic speed race. The cars start with a minute apart on the south side of Vejle Inlet and drives upwards the serpentine roads with Munkebjerg Hotel as a final destination. One drives five times, two times practice and three heat rounds at the actual race.

There is free entrance for the audience. On Saturday the drivers tests their cars during the afternoon at the industrial area at Bugattivej. And Sunday you are able to come up and close to the cars, both down at the beach and up at the top at Munkebjerg Hotel. The race happens throughout the day from 9-5pm.

Shuttlebusses are available between Vejle and at the start of the race at Ibæk Strandvej.

Several places at the serpentine road the audience can come close to the cars as Perth Hjorts’ Mercedes 230 SL, here with Vejle Inlet in the background.

Press Clip 2011

On behalf of Historical Motor Sporting Denmark, Intercom sends a press release regarding Munkebjerg Hillclimb at Vejle Fjord.
Henning Bjørn Rasmussen has made a movie about Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2011.
You now have the opportunity to purchase it through the following link:

Wet car race at Munkebjerg

The most spectacular car race in Denmark, Munkebjerg Hillclimb, is part of Wild with Water in Vejle, and there was plenty of water, as the driver throughout Sunday opened up for their horse powers in their classic cars ranging from 1925 to 1986.
Some even got a cash settlement, as they plunged into the ditch on the slippery hill road from Vejle Inlet towards Munkebjerg Hotel. So when the mayor Arne Sigtenbjerggaard after the race press the fist of the winners, it wasn’t surprising that the most experienced were the ones to clear the prize table.

The fastest of all was the rally driver Jan Sørensen from Hammel in an Opel Manta 400 from 1983. He won with 1,5 second ahead of the Århusian Vincenzo Santangelo in a Fiat X1/9 Dallara Abarth also from 1983. At third place, the former rally driver Mikael Mikkelsen from Viborg arrived in a Volvo PV 544 Sport from 1964.

At a historical motor sporting event, it isn’t just about winning, but also about honoring the history of the cars, and that is exactly what a range of drivers did, with irreplaceable pre-war cars such as Bugatti, Alvis Supersports, MG TA, Ford A and many more. They were far behind the race’s more modern cars, but nonetheless heroic on the slippery roads.

It was the thirteenth time, that Historical Motor Sporting event Denmark conducted Munkebjerg Hillclimb. With 100 cars at maximum capacity of participants was reached and the cars are also a popular part of Vejle Municipality’s Wild with Water concept – even though at that time there was more water that anyone would wish for.

The mayor of Vejle Arne Sigtenbjerggaard congratulates Jan Sørensen with the victory in Munkebjerg Hillclimb, whilst the chairman for Historical Motor Sports Christian Nordahl is pleased that the maximum number participants at 100 was reached.

Jan Sørensen, was the fastest man in his Opel Manta 400, whilst Robert Rydengaard in a similar car departed due to technical issues.

Historical motorsport in serene surroundings; Man, machine and road. Nicolaj Hansson from Haarby was the best amongst the pre-war cars in his MG TC from 1938.

Volvo 1800 can celebrate its 50th anniversary, and 3 of them found their way to Munkebjerg Hillclimb. Here a Volvo turns 1800km away from Vejle Inlet in order to drive up the hill.

Presseklip 2010
– Bilzonen, Flew into the ditch, but won
– Ekstrabladet, Won with 50 meter of gaffa.
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– Vejle Vild med Vand, Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2010
– Vejle, Historisk motorløb Munkebjer Hillclimb 2010
– Bilbasen, Who reaches to the top of the hills first?
– Msn Bilmagasinet, Munkebjerg Hillclimb 2010
– Msn Bilmagasinet, 
– Msn bilmagasinet, Who reaches to the top of the hills first?
– Aos, Classic Car Meeting Weekenden d. 14.-15 August
– FPN, Claus Worup – Oldest field within classic-race
– Bilmagasinet 2010, Steen Bachmann – Manta 400 ready to give full throttle
– Bilmagasinet 2010, Steen Bachmann – Who reaches first to the top of the Hill?
– Flemming Haslund, Bilzonen – Munkebjerg, now there is speed at the hill again.
– Flemming Haslund, Bilzonen – Munkebjerg pr. Le Mans racer
– Flemming Haslund, Bilzonen – Munkebjerg pr rallyrocket

Presseklip 2009
– Bilmagasinet 2009 – Perfect Hillclimb at Vejle